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How to Connect Water Line to Back of Fridge? Here 8 Steps You Have to Follow

What is Water line 

A refrigerator water line is a system of pipes or tubes connected to a water source and installed inside the refrigerator. This system allows water to flow from the water source to the water dispenser or ice maker inside the refrigerator.
How to Connect Water Line to Back of Fridge
How to Connect Water Line to Back of Fridge Doc:

Water Line Function  

The water line in the refrigerator has an important role in providing clean and cold water that can be used for drinks or ice. Here is the definition and function of the water line on the refrigerator:
  • Some refrigerators are equipped with a water dispenser located at the front of the refrigerator door. The water line allows water to flow from the water source to this dispenser. Users can draw cold water directly from the refrigerator without the need to open the door.
  • Many modern refrigerators have an ice-making machine connected to the water line. The water line supplies water to this machine, which then freezes the water into ice and dispenses it into the ice container inside the refrigerator. This allows users to have a continuous supply of ice without the need to use traditional ice trays. 
  • The water line on the refrigerator can also be used to produce cold water that can be used directly for drinks or to fill necessary containers. This is very convenient, especially during hot weather or when you need cold water quickly.
  • The water line on the refrigerator eliminates the need to buy bottled water or use a separate water dispenser. You can easily take cold water or ice directly from the refrigerator, which saves time and effort.

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Water Line Types

The type of water line on a refrigerator may vary depending on the brand and model of the refrigerator you have. However, in general, there are several common shapes of refrigerator drains:
  • Flexible Pipe:

One common type is a flexible pipe made of plastic or copper. These pipes usually have a fairly small diameter and can be bent or curved as needed. Flexible pipes allow you to customize the path of the water line easily.
  • Rigid Pipes:

Some refrigerators use rigid pipes made from copper or other metals. These pipes have a rigid structure and cannot be bent or bent. Rigid pipes are usually installed permanently and require more precise installation.
  • Plastic Hose:

Some refrigerators use plastic hoses as water lines. These plastic hoses are quite flexible and easy to install. Usually, plastic hoses have connectors or joints at the end for easy installation.
  • Rubber Hose:

Rubber hoses can also be used as water lines in the refrigerator. It is quite flexible and elastic, making it easy to adjust the water line. Rubber hoses generally come with binder clips to ensure a secure and tight connection.

8 Steps How to Connect Water Line to Back of Fridge

To connect a water line to the back of the fridge, you usually need two things: a fridge that comes with a water dispenser and a water line available near the fridge or a water line that you can install.

Here are the general steps you can follow to connect the water line to the back of the fridge:

1. Prepare the necessary equipment

You will need a clean water line (usually plastic or copper), fixing clips, connections, on/off valves, and wall nails.

2.Turn off the water supply

Make sure to turn off the water supply to the house before starting the installation. You can find the main shut-off valve near the water meter.

3. Determine the water line path

Determine the path of the water line from the water source to your refrigerator. Try not to have the water line pinched or too long. Make sure you can easily connect it to the refrigerator.

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4. Install the on/off valve

Install an on/off valve on your newly created water line. This valve will allow you to control the flow of water to the refrigerator.

5. Attach the water line to the refrigerator

Look for the water connector on the back of the fridge which is usually located at the bottom. Connect the end of the water line to this connector. Make sure to tighten the fixing clips to ensure the water line is secure.

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6. Attach the water line to the water source

Connect the other end of the water line to your designated water source. If any fittings or connections are required, be sure to follow the installation instructions provided.

7. Test the system

Open the on/off valve and check for leaks along the water line. Also check that the water is flowing properly into the refrigerator.

8.Turn on the refrigerator

Once you have confirmed that there are no leaks and the water is flowing properly, turn on the refrigerator and follow the manufacturer's instructions to activate the water dispenser (if applicable).

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