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Jenn Air 42 Inch Built In Refrigerator Reviews Side By Side JS42PPDUDE Type

Jenn Air 42 Inch Built In Refrigerator Reviews. The Jenn-Air JS42SSDUDE refrigerator is designed with Euro-Style Stainless and Pro-Style Stainless exterior design styles. In addition, this refrigerator is equipped with an exclusive Obsidian interior for comfort and exceptional food preservation. The fridge also equipped with in-door water dispenser for ice and filtered water.
Jenn Air 42 Inch Built In Refrigerator Reviews

This article tries to present deep reviews for Jenn Air 42 Inch Built In Refrigerator Reviews Side By Side JS42PPDUDE type as reference and additional information for all jennair refrigerator user. This reviews will explain several items dealing with jennair refrigerator such as Jenn Air Refrigerator Dimensions and Jenn Air Refrigerator Feature JS42PPDUDE type.

Jenn Air Refrigerator Dimensions JS42PPDUDE type

The dimensions of this refrigerator come with a design that is different from other refrigerators in general. This refrigerator is designed with a freezer door width of about 44.4 cm while the width of the refrigerator door is about 59 cm. the overall width is about 107 cm, door handle height for Pro-Style Stainless about 115.7 cm and Euro Style Stainless is about 127.1 cm.

Jenn Air 42 Inch Built In Refrigerator Feature JS42PPDUDE Type

Jenn air refrigerator JS42PPDUDE type features are equipped with the latest and most advanced features. Features come with different functions when compared to features on other refrigerators in general These features include:
  • Obsidian Interior feature

This fridge is equipped with Obsidian Interior, where this feature gives a different impression because it presents the colors of food and beverages stored in the refrigerator from both the shelf and freezer drawers.
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  • Precision Temperature Management System

Precision Temperature Management System is a sensor control system feature that functions for monitoring and adjusting temperatures in each compartment.  This control system uses a variable speed compressor to detect the temperature quickly and adjust it for each compartment.
Advance Climate Control Drawer features, designed as a special storage drawer equipped with electronic temperature control for sensitive food.
  • Produce Preserver

The Produce Preserver feature is the latest technology that is claimed to be able to delay the ripening of vegetables and fruits so that the freshness and nutrition are maintained.
  • Multi Point Led Theater Lighting

Multi Point Led Theater Lighting is the use of multiple LED lights on the food store shelf that can increase visibility and display food items.
  • Capacitive Touch Controls with LED Display

This fridge is designed with Capacitive Touch Controls with LED Display in which all system controls are controlled by touch only.  The fridge and freezer area are independently controlled with an integrated design that provides a touch response for much easier operation.

  • Soft-Close Crisper Drawers

Soft-Close Crisper Drawers is a technology that makes the fridge drawers close securely, softly without any noise. It allows the drawers to be more robust and durable.

  • Elegance Shelving

Elegance Shelving is made of aluminum material that is embossed open and smooth.This concept gives an elegant impression and makes food and beverage ingredients easier to find and see.
  • Quick Measure Function

In the dispenser area, a screen displays the amount of water dispensed in ounces or liters.

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