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Jennair Rerigerator Not Cooling Causes and Easy Way to Fix It

Jennair Refrigerator Not Cooling is a case that is often discussed, especially by refrigerator users. However, this case often occurs repeatedly. Refrigerator not cooling occurs in almost all brands of refrigerators such as Samsung, Sharp, Jennair, Panasonic, Polytron and other brands. Many refrigerator users are confused about this. Why Refrigerator not cooling is a question that sometimes has not found the right answer. They want to know what causes why this happens. Taken from several sources, this article tries to present some cause of Refrigerator Not Cooling

Jennair Refrigerator Not Cooling

Jennair Refrigerator Not Cooling

Jennair Refrigerator Not Cooling is caused by several factors arise from external and internal factor. In addition to explaining the several factors that cause Refrigerator Not Cooling. This article also tries to present some easy actions that are ways to fix your refrigerator to make it runs optimally and the Refrigerator Not Cooling doesn't happen again.

Jennair Refrigerator Not Cooling Causes

Jennair Refrigerator Not Cooling caused by 8 types such as s Door Seals or Gasket Damage, Outdoor Refrigerator Located, install Near Heat Source, Overload Foods Capacity Store, Room Temperature Hotter, Door Opened Often, Unstable Power Supply and Compressor Damage. For more, here the following explanation briefly. 

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  • Door Seals or Gasket Damage

      Door seals or gasket is a rubber that is pasted on the refrigerator door. The function of this gasket is to cover the air holes in the refrigerator door area. With this rubber, the refrigerator door is perfectly closed so that there are no gaps for air to enter and leave. Therefore, if the Door seals or gasket is damaged, air will enter and exit through the refrigerator door gap. As a result, the temperature in the food storage area becomes unstable. Dirty condenser coils 

  • Outdoor Refrigerator Located

The next cause of Refrigerator Not Cooling is the refrigerator storage area. Refrigerator storage area affects the performance of the refrigerator. Generally, Jennair refrigerators are designed with 2 types, namely indoor and outdoor refrigerators. The indoor refrigerator is designed for household use only. Meanwhile, Outdoor refrigerator is designed for public use. For an indoor refrigerator, the temperature of the surrounding environment must be stable so that the refrigerator engine runs optimally and results are maximized. If the temperature in storage area is unstable or fluctuates, the Refrigerator Not Cooling

  • Near Heat Source Installed

 Heat source may cause refrigerator not cooling.  Do not install the refrigerator near of heat source such as garage area, oven or other. Installed this refrigerator on stable area in which has temperature start from 13 °C up to 43 °C.

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  • Overload Foods Capacity Store

Each refrigerator is designed with a different food storage capacity both in the freezer area and fridge area. If you store food ingredients over capacity standard, the food become not cold evenly. So store food according to storage capacity standards so that the refrigerator works optimally and gets maximum results.

  • Room Temperature Hotter

Unstable temperature may cause refrigerator not cooling. Refrigerator are able to operate well if the temperature surround are stable not fluctuate. That's why indoor refrigerator should be put inside the room in which minimal temperature 13 o C up to 400 C.

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  • Door Opened Often

When you take and put the foods on fridge and freezer area, you need to open the door. But the bad impact of open the door often make unstable temperature inside area.  The compressor work hardly to create stable temperature. To minimize the intensity of open and close the door, put and take the food in large capacity and take one by one. Open the door for 2 or 3 times in a day to keep the food fresh and healthy.

  • Unstable Power Supply

Unstable power supply become cause refrigerator not cooling. Refrigerator compressor and other component like fan cooling are able to work optimally if it get stable power supply.

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  • Compressor Damage

The compressor is the most important component in the refrigerator. The compressor functions as a controller for other components to be able to work optimally. If this component damaged, the other components will not work optimally. Therefore, check regularly whether this component is functioning normally or not. Compressor damage may cause refrigerator no cooling.

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Jennair Refrigerator Not Cooling Solution

Jennair Refrigerator Not Cooling Solution To fix some problem above, here are the following tips you should do
  • Replace Door Gasket

When your Refrigerator Not Cooling, happen in your home. First thing you should do is check your door seal or gasket. This item has function to prevent air circulation from outside to inside to keep stable temperature. Please check it routinely when you open and close the door in other to know whether it has good function or not. If the gasket damage, you have to replace with the new. You can do it by yourself, you don't need to call the professional technic because replace gasket is so easy to do.

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  • Clean Condenser Coils Every Month

Here are some easy ways to clean condenser coils:
  1. Clear the freezer area and cooler area
  2. Turn off the unit. Make sure the unit is turned off when cleaning the condenser coil.
  3.  Find the location of the condenser coil. To be sure, check your freezer's manual. Then remove the condenser coil cover panel
  4. Clean the dust attached to the condenser coil using a soft brush and clean the coil and fan carefully to prevent to damage the coil.
  5. Vacuum the remaining dust and the area around the condenser coil using a vacuum cleaner carefully.
  6. After that, put the condenser coil cover panel back neatly, then turn on the unit.

  • Install the Refrigerator indoor

Jennair refrigerator is designed for household use only. It means you have to install this refrigerator for indoor not outdoor such as in the kitchen area, or family room area. All component on this fridge work optimally if this fridge installed on stable temperature area. It is different with outdoor fridge in which is designed for public use. Even installed on the garage or public outdoor place, the foods stored are fresh because of stable temperature.

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