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 Jennair Refrigerator Filter Types and Function

Jennair Refrigerator filter is an essential part for cooling machines that is used starting from fridge to others machine types. this device would filter out the impurities to avoid deadlock in the capillary,

A fridge filter is a component that serves to filters out impurities in the refrigerator system. The impurities can cause a deadlock in the fridge cycle. If the circulation of freon is blocked, the cooling process can be disrupted and no refrigeration process will occur.
Jennair Refrigerator Filter

 Jennair Refrigerator Filter

Deadlocks due to impurities in the refrigerator cooling system usually occur in the capillary pipe. Capillary pipes are small diameter pipes made of copper with the function of lowering the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant.

If the capillary pipe is clogged with impurities, the refrigerant cannot flow. As a result, the cooling cycle is not achieved. 2 Signs that are often encountered when the refrigerator is deadlocked include the refrigerator is not cold and the compressor current rises.

Filter For Jenn Air Refrigerator

Generally, there are 2 Types Filter For Jenn Air Refrigerator that are commonly used to filter impurities in the refrigerator, namely empty filters and fill filters.

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1. Empty filter

An empty filter contains only impurities filters. This type of filter can only capture impurities, not water vapor.  One of the few advantages of empty filters is that they are cheaper than filled filters. However, most refrigerator technicians think it is better to use empty filters because they rarely get stuck.

2. Fill Filter

Fill  filter is a filter equipped with a filter and silica or zeolite granules that function to absorb water vapor or called a filter dryer. Water vapor in the cooling system causes dead ends in the capillary pipe. Water vapor at low temperatures can freeze, thus inhibiting the flow of refrigerant (freon). fill filter more optimal for filtering out impurities and water vapor

Jennair Refrigerator Water Filter

Jennair Refrigerator Water filters on fridges generally use carbon filters, which are able to filter out bacteria that affect taste and odor. The effectiveness of a fridge filter depends on the duration of its use. The more usage of the fridge dispenser, the quicker the filters will decrease in effectiveness. People often forgot to switch or clean the water filter, and this may cause impurities and bacteria to build up on the water filter.

Filtering results also depend on the type of filter is used. If you used high quality filters, the result of filtering will be maximal. But, Low-quality filters are not able to work optimally in filtering out contaminants, and can instead make dirt build up on the filter.So before you install it to your fridges, make sure the water ilte you bought is high quality. 
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Jennair Refrigerator Air  Filter

Jennair Refrigerator Air filter is an essential component because it has very crucial functions. Air purification devices are designed to improve air quality by filtering and removing bacteria, viruses and allergens. 

Some functions of the air filter in the refrigerator include reducing air impurities in the cooling area and freezer area of the refrigerator, preventing and eliminating unpleasant odors arising from stored meat, vegetables, and fruits, and creating better air circulation to the refrigerator.

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