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Jenn Air Refrigerator Troubleshooting Guide

Jenn Air Refrigerator Troubleshooting. Jennair refrigerator is designed with a minimalist, luxurious and elegant concept. This concept is present as a flagship and is able to attract millions of consumers almost all over the world. Besides coming with an interesting concept, this refrigerator is also equipped with the latest and most sophisticated features. The manufacturer always innovates in designing so that the products presented provide full benefits for consumers.

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Jenn Air Refrigerator Troubleshooting Guide Doc: TechnoReviews.Site

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However, various problems often arise during the use of this product. Many people  complain when they find a problem with their refrigerator. Some of the problems that are often found become commonly problem found such as Jenn Air Refrigerator Lights Not Working and Jennair Refrigerator Not Making Ice. To ix the problem you need Jenn Air Refrigerator Troubleshooting Guide.

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Jenn Air Refrigerator Troubleshooting Guide article try to presents a troubleshooting guide by explaining the cause and soultion of the probem itself. This article are able to answer  the question and become a solution for those problem. This article also try to share the information about how to repair or fix the problem in easy way. Please read the Jenn Air Refrigerator Troubleshooting Guide article in whole to avoid passed information orlackof information. 

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 Jenn Air Refrigerator Lights Not Working Causes

Jenn Air Refrigerator Lights Not Working

Jenn Air Refrigerator Lights Not Working Doc:TechnoReviews.Site
Jenn Air Refrigerator Lights Not Working The refrigerator is equipped with an interior light that helps you find things stored in it more easily and quickly. However, when the fridge is operating, sometimes the lights that are installed often have problems so that the lights or the fridge turns off. When Jenn Air Refrigerator Lights Not Working, you need to quickly identify what is causing the problem.

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Here are some reasons for Jenn Air Refrigerator Lights Not Working causes.

  • Mains Power damage

It is possible that the lights in the freezer and fridge areas are not working simply because they are not plugged in. another possibility because the electric power does not reach it. so to ensure that the cause of the power is not up, it is necessary to check the power cord for damage and replace it.

  • The switch broken

The main function of the switch is to distribute power. if this component is damaged then the lamp certainly will not turn on. Some refrigerators are designed and equipped with a door knob that turns the refrigerator light on and off. If the refrigerator light goes out while the engine is running, it could be a faulty light switch.  

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  • Bulb damage

A sign of a blown bulb is a break in the filament inside, which can be seen clearly. If the light inside doesn't work, check the bulb and make sure it's the right shape. If the bulb is damaged, replace it with a new one. keep in mind, When getting a new bulb, make sure to get the right bulb, compatible with your model of refrigerator.

  • No Power to Bulb Socket

The bulb is screwed into the socket to make it work. If the light does not come on, you should check the voltage at the outlet. If there is no voltage then replace the socket. replacing the socket is fairly easy, you can do it yourself or contact a professional.

  • Circuit Board damage

The circuit board is attached to the refrigerator control panel. Usually, the switch plugged in can sometimes fail. If this happens, the light on the refrigerator will stop working.     

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Jennair Refrigerator Not Making Ice Cause and Soultion

Jennair Refrigerator Not Making Ice

Jennair Refrigerator Not Making Ice Doc:TechnoReviews.Site

jennair refrigerator not making ice sometime found. The user somplain about this poblem so they need a trooubleshooting guide . jennair refrigerator not making ice may caused several things or several factor such as Ice Maker Off, Ice Maker Jammed , ice makerr Water Filter Replaced

  • Ice Maker Off

    The first thing may cause jennair ice maker not working is ice maker turn off. the first action you need to do is  make sure or check the  ice maker feature turned on or turned  off.if the ice maker on but doesnt work, connect ice maker water supply to water supply line. when the ice maker  but water supply disconnected to water suply line, ice will be produced in fridge area in which food crisper could be too cold and freeze.    

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  • Ice Maker Jammed

The second cause why jennair ice maker not working is the ice maker feature jammed. ensure the ice make sure ice doesn't build up on the ejector so ice  doesn't get jammed. if that happens, the action you need to take is to remove the ice jammed on the ejector using plastic to prevent the ice maker  from being damaged. Meanwhile, ice cubes jammed to the stripper can be cleaned using fingers. if not cleaned, the ice water will freeze causing ice bridges.   This ice bridge is the trigger for the ice maker jammed

  • Water Filter Replaced

      The third reason why jennair ice maker not working is incorrectly installed water ilter. before you install water filter, you need to know how the way to identify good or suitable water filter or your rerigertaor or your ice maker. incorrectly water filter installed or use inappropriate sater ilter usage may cause  may reduce water flow tothe ice maker. for the efect, ice maker produce thin, small, even no ice production.

  • Flush The Water System

When installing or replacing the refrigerator filter to the water supply line, the air in water system could make  small ice cubes. therefore, after replacing or installing the filter or the first time, the water system needs to be flushed.

  • Check the water supply line

Water supply line is the most important component for ice maker to produce ice. this water supply line should be installed correctly to ensure the water supply is prperly connected to cold water supply and water shutoff valve opened.  to make sure the water supply well connected, you have to check no kinks found in water supply line. kinks could reduce water flow from water supply to water cold. to avoid a pinched water line happen, put the rerigerator not too close to the wall

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  • The Ice Maker assembly damaged

Ice maker components consist of several component in which not sold separately. you need to buy the component in whole. but beore you replace the ice maker component,  check the water inlet valve, water inlet and fan. if those three components doesnt have problem. you have to replace the ice maker assembly.


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