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 Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Reviews For Specification and Feature RF60A91C380 Type

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Reviews

There are various types of refrigerator brands on the market complete with the specifications needed by all people, such as LG, Sharp, Polytron and Samsung. Each brand has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before buying a refrigerator, the buyer must know in advance the advantages and disadvantages of the product itself. Some of the main things that must be known are the advantages, disadvantages and features provided in the brand.

Therefore, this article tries to review a refrigerator brand named Samsung BESPOKE RF60A91C380. We will review the advantages and disadvantages of this brand and also try to review more about what features are available.

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Reviews For Specification and Feature

There are several features presented in this Samsung bespoke refrigerator, including the following. Multi-door custom design, Net Total(Liters) Cooling Type, Net Weight(kg), Net Width, Number of Shelf, Number of Vegetable &Fruit Drawer, Shelf Material  Conner (Egg Tray), Shelf Type, Interior Light, Refrigerator Type, Refrigerator Filters, Warrantly.
  • Multi-door Custom Design.
The Samsung BESPOKE RF60A91C is designed with a custom multi door design so it looks more charming and elegant. This refrigerator has 4 doors with a large food storage capacity on each door.
  • Net Total(Liters)
This fridge has a food and beverage storage capacity of around 523 liters. So there is no need to worry if there are some foods that don't fit in the fridge.
  • Cooling Type
Menawhile, cooler types is used in this product is Triple Cooling types. With better cooling, food, drinks and vegetables and fruits stored in the refrigerator are evenly or completely cooled. No need to worry about some corners that won't get maximum cool. With this triple cooling feature, it is certain that all stored food and drinks will be perfectly cold.
  • Net Weight(kg)
This fridge has a total net weight of around 141 kg.
  • Net Width
From left side to right. This refrigerator is 912mm wide
This refrigerator is equipped with a fairly large number of shelves, which is about 4. Each shelf has a large and spacious storage capacity.
  • Number of Vegetable &Fruit Drawer
Samsung BESPOKE RF60A91C380 is equipped with a vegetable and fruit drawer. With this feature, you can use 2 vegetable boxes and 1 fruit box. Each drawer is wide and wide enough to store a large number of vegetables and fruit.
  • Shelf Material
The rack used is a type of Tempered Glass. Tempered glass is known as a material that has a rather luxurious impression compared to other materials. In addition, tempered glass is also very easy to clean so it still looks luxurious and always new
  • Conner (Egg Tray)
Chicken eggs are categorized into types of food that are easily damaged because they contain lots of bacteria and germs on the outermost layer. Therefore, if it is not stored in a place that is able to protect it from bacterial attack, the chicken eggs will spoil quickly. Therefore, this refrigerator is also equipped with an egg corner feature. This egg corner is provided for storing chicken eggs in a fairly large capacity. So you don't need to worry if the eggs you buy spoil quickly.

  • Shelf Type
Shelf type  used is Spill Proof. Spill proof is known as being able to minimize the occurrence of spillage or anti-spill. So all the ingredients stored in the shelves will be safe and won't spill easily.
  • Interior Light
In terms of lighting in the shelf. This refrigerator uses 2 types of lighting sources which are placed on the top and left side. With these two light sources, the food stored will be clearly visible from all angles. There is no need to use additional light anymore, just the light source in the refrigerator.
  • Refrigerator Type
Furthermore, this type of refrigerator uses French Style Doors. This variation is famous for its elegant design and seems luxurious. Apart from that, this French style door looks clean. You don't need to spend a lot of time cleaning it. Just wipe it once, then it's clean and shiny like new.
  • Refrigerator Filters
Air filter is very important. This part is very necessary because of its function. One of the real functions is to reduce or eliminate bad odors in the refrigerator. Food that is placed in a long period of time will definitely give off an unpleasant odor. To avoid this, an air filter is needed. For internal air filtration. This refrigerator uses an Motor filter Inverter

  • Warrantly
Every reputable product must have a warranty. Warranty is a guarantee of the strength of a product that is offered by the manufacturer to the product being sold. This aims to show the strength of the product. In this case. The warranty type used is the local distributor warranty.

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