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Electrolux Refrigerator Review Complete Side By Side

Electrolux provides a wide range of equipment products that help you with your daily activities. Various types of products often found on the marketplace are washing machines, hair dryers, microwaves, refrigerators, irons, mixers, blenders, rice cookers and others. The products released by Electrolux provide satisfaction to consumers because they have several advantages compared to other products. Therefore, the Electrolux Refrigerator Review article is here to review in more depth regarding the advantages of the features provided by the Electrolux EQE6909A refrigerator product. We will try to review 4 types of Electrolux Refrigerators, namely Electrolux EQE6909A-BID, Electrolux TPE EBB3702K-A, Electrolux ETB2502J-A, and Electrolux ESE5401A-BID.

1. Electrolux EQE6909A-BID 

Electrolux Refrigerator Review
  •  Description

Electrolux Model EQE6909A-BID is a 2-door refrigerator designed with French style doors that open right and left. This refrigerator has a total storage capacity of 622 l with a Cold Room Capacity of 438 L and a Freezer Capacity of 92 L. To operate this refrigerator model requires electrical power of around 220-240 voltage with a frequency of 50 Hz. 

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The Electrolux Model EQE6909A-BID is also equipped with several interesting features, namely Flex Cool can be adjusted so that you can increase the capacity of the refrigerator when you need more space for vegetables, meat, cold drinks or ice cream. In addition, consistent air circulation results in a stable refrigerator temperature throughout the refrigerator, so that each compartment and shelf is evenly cooled. The Taste Guard feature, which functions to eliminate 99.8% of bacteria, ensures that the fridge stays fresh, hygienic and free from bad odors. Electrolux Refrigerator
  • Specifications

Brand                    : Electrolux
SKU                     : 5880510840_ID-11345358121
Inverter                 : Non-inverter
Input voltage         : 220V
warranty                : 1 Year
Freezer Capacity   : 92
Warranty Type       : Official Local Distributor Warranty
Noise level             : 43 dBA
Dimensions             : (HxWxD) 1935 x 905 x 775 mm

2. Electrolux TPE EBB3702K-A

  • Description

Electrolux EBB3700K-A is a refrigerator is article silver color designed in. The flat door made from stainless which is an attraction in itself. This refrigerator has storage capacity of 343 liters. In addition, the Electrolux EBB3700K is an inverter refrigerator that has a Fresh Shield Crisper, which keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for up to seven days while maintaining ideal humidity conditions. 
The XL Freezer allows you to store more frozen ingredients and enough ice cubes or crushed ice for drinks. It is also equipped with Flexor, which is a flexible storage box that can be customized in a variety of ways, from milk boxes and small jars to special bottles with unique shapes.
  • Features and Specifications

Capacity             : 343 L
Color                  : Arctic Silver
Stainless             : Yes
Flat door             : Yes
Bottom Freezer   : Yes
Brand                    : Electrolux
SKU                     : 5092288832_ID-9439382583
Refrigerator Type : Bottom Freezer
Capacity                : 343
Warranty             : 1 Year

3. Electrolux ETB2502J-A

  • Description

The Electrolux ETB2502J-A is equipped with a Taste Seal Compartment that maintains a consistent temperature of -2 °C to keep foodstuffs in prime condition for up to 7 days without freezing. Meat and seafood are stored and always cooked fresh. This means you can cook from fresh meat to serve meat and seafood with juicy texture, bright color and great taste. Fresh meat and fish all week

Furthermore, the Electrolux ETB2502J-A is equipped with a TasteLock feature which functions to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and delicious longer. You can adjust the humidity level in the crisper. The Eventemp feature functions to stabilize temperature or minimize temperature fluctuations. Great food longer. This means that EvenTemp keeps food tasty longer because it cools each shelf individually, a consistent temperature is maintained across compartments, preserving taste and texture longer.

Cleaner and hygienic  Storage because it is equipped with TasteGuard using a carbon filter to keep your food and fruits fresh, hygienic and free from unwanted odors that can change the taste and smell of your food.

The Twist and Serve ice maker lets you easily store ice cubes for your favorite cold drink. Simply fill the ice tray with water, let it freeze, then turn the knob to release the ice cubes into the storage bin.

Efficiency Energy with the NutriFresh inverter compressor keeps the temperature in the refrigerator consistent saving energy, while keeping food and drinks fresh.

  • Features and Specifications

Brand                             : Electrolux
SKU                                  : 5092220918_ID-9439354043
Refrigerator Type             : Two Doors
Capacity                           : 225
Cooling Room Capacity  : 163 L
Freezer Room t Capacity : 62 L
Total Unit Capacity          : 225 L
Voltage (V)                      : 220-240
Frequency (Hz)                : 50/60
Dimensions                      : (W x H x D)540 x1470 x615 mm
Weight                             : 49.9 kg
Warranty                         : 1 Year
Warranty Type               : Official Local Distributor Warranty

4. Electrolux ESE5401A-BID

  • Description

Electrolux ESE5401A-BID is designed with a black matt door color. It has a storage capacity of 505 L. This refrigerator is equipped with a Nutrifresh Inverter which functions to save energy and keep the temperature stable so that food cools evenly. The taste guard feature can keep the aroma of the fridge maintained. and fresh. the door alarm feature serves as a reminder if the door is left open. There is an egg tray that is used as a storage place for eggs to keep them fresh

  • Features and Specifications

Total Unit Capacity    : 505
Color                         : BlackMatt
Electrical Energy        : 220-240
Frequency (Hz)          : 50
Noise level (dBA)       : 41
Energy Consumption   : 307
Construction Type        : Freestanding
Compressor Type        : Inverter
Control Type               : Electronic
Door Color                 : Black
Door handle                : Installed
With alarm                 : Yes
Ice maker                 : Twist & Serve
Egg tray                 :    Yes

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